Provana srl unipersonale's (also named as “Provana: solutions for agriculture”) origins date at 1945, with a small business dealing with the construction and repairing of axles for agricultural trailers. From the small workshop – located in Izano, within the Italian province of Cremona - an increasingly complex activity had been developed over time, resulting in a multi-product distributor: specifically, of agricultural and car tyres. From these historical roots, in year 2000 Provana srl unipersonale was born, specializing into agricultural solutions both at national and international levels.


The brand “Provana: soluzioni per l’agricoltura” stems from the concept of solutions for the earth. Focussed on a substantial technical expertise within the field of size fitment changes and premium tyres and wheels, it communicates, throughout its colours, a notion of technique and innovation.

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